Simple Pleasures Found in the Forest

Out wandering the forest of Tryon Creek State Natural Area, I found the simplest pleasures along the trail today


An Invitation.

I took a moment today, stretched my legs, and wandered in the woods for a bit. The weather was so inviting, with the warm sunshine filtering down through the canopy. The maple leaves had an illuminated, transparent glow of golden quality, with a hint of green. A robin was singing, hopping along the forest floor, and a raven followed, leaping from branch to branch. With a camera in hand and sketchbook in my pocket, I went exploring. Wildflowers blooming and the littlest creatures were out feasting in the forest. I captured a few moments along the way and wanted to share.


Banana Slug Buffet

Slug Buffet

Chowing down...

Chowing down…

Family of fungi

Family of fungi

Eye of an Iris

Eye of an Iris



Earth laughs in flowers

– Ralph Waldo Emerson




Buttercup beauty

Buttercup beauty


Fairy lanterns along the path...

Fairy lanterns along the path…








ferns unfolding

ferns unfolding

Robin nestled among the moss

Robin nestled among the moss



When’s the last time you wandered in the woods?

Did you know a short drive from the bustling scene of downtown awaits a forest in the city for you to enjoy. Whether you go alone for a peaceful moment of solitude or share a stroll with loved ones, there’s always something new to see, the forest invites you to enjoy, nature’s simple pleasures.





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  1. Carl Axelsen

    Really nice piece. Thanks,
    Just between you & me though I don’t think those were banana slugs. Looked more like English Brown. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    And, at the further risk of being a jerk, I can’t share the “beauty” in creeping buttercup an almost in-defeatable invasive plant.
    Still, enjoyed the piece, Thanks,
    Carl A.

  2. Those are European Black slugs


    Dear Jen,   Nice naturalist note!  I like the “cool, breezy” style.  As soon as I read about the “sketchbook in hand” I figured it must be yours!  

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